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Osso Good Beginnings
Our origin story

Born from an entrepreneur spirit

Osso Good was founded by two guys and a girl that believe food is medicine, and bone broth plays a very big part of overall health. We've been making and enjoying the benefits of real and nourishing bone broth for the past few years and we're happy to be able to bring bone broth straight to your front door.

The best bone broth comes from the best ingredients... At Osso Good, we make bone broths and paleo soups you can be proud of. Nutrient-Dense foods made with organic ingredients that are also Gluten Free and Certified Paleo. We are very proud to make our own bone broth in small, controlled batches to ensure the quality is always consistent and the taste is always amazing. #OSSOGOODLIFE

We strive to not only provide you with the most nourishing bone broth available, but also the best you've ever tasted.

Jazz Hilmer, Co-Founder/CTO of Osso Good Bone Broths

Jazz Hilmer Co-Founder/CTO
– – –
Jazz Hilmer has spent most of his adult life working for startups all over the country as a front-end designer and developer. With a love for the fast-paced, innovative culture that working for startups breed, it was only a matter of time before he started something of his own.

Meredith Cochran, Co-Founder/CEO of Osso Good Bone Broths

Meredith Cochran Co-Founder/CEO
– – –
With a background in healthcare, Meredith has always loved studying human physiology. After witnessing the healing power of bone broth, she began perfecting her recipe until she discovered the best flavor profile around, “aka” Osso Good’s ridiculously good sippable broths. Her passion grows with each person who is healed through Osso Good Bone Broth!

Toran Hilmer, Co-Founder/CFO of Osso Good Bone Broths

Toran Hilmer Co-Founder/CFO
– – –
Toran Hilmer has a BA from the University Of Wisconsin Madison School Of Business in Finance. Feeling a need for a change and an appetite for adventure, Toran moved from Chicago to join Osso Good in October. He brings a unique perspective to the numbers and the business model, and is excited to learn what makes a business tick. Any finance related inquires can be forwarded to him at [email protected].

Dane Hilmer, Director of Customer Experience at Osso Good Bone Broths

Dane Hilmer Director of Customer Experience
– – –
Dane Hilmer has a MA in Education from Cardinal Stritch University. As avid travelers, Dane and his family moved to the Pacific Northwest to take advantage of the outdoors. Despite taking care of our customer needs all day, he finds time throughout the year to run camps and backcountry trips for special needs kids. Customer Service suits him well as he has always worked hard taking care of others needs. [email protected].

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